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Dive into Knitting: Baby Pullover Extravaganza!

Hey there, fellow yarn enthusiasts! It’s Rachel here. If you’ve been searching for an absolutely delightful baby pullover pattern, you’re in the right place. This one comes with a snazzy round yoke and guess what? It’s crafted in one piece. Yep, no side seams to fret about! And those adorable sleeves? They get their own special attention and are knitted separately.

What You’ll Need:

  • Yarn: Soft 4 ply baby wool (50g balls) – Grab 2 balls in your fave color!
  • Fastening: A 15cm zip to finish off the look.
  • Tools: A pair each of 3mm and 3.25mm knitting needles, plus some stitch holders.

Fit & Measurements:

Now, this cozy pullover is perfect for babies aged 6(9) months. Check out these specifics:

  • Chest: A comfortable 50(56)cm all around.
  • Length: Measures 23(27)cm up to the back of the neck.
  • Sleeve: Coming in at 14(17)cm.

Instructions vary slightly between the sizes. Smallest size is your baseline, but if you see numbers in brackets, that’s for the larger size. And if there’s just one number? It’s universal for both sizes.

Tension Check:

Here’s a golden tip before you dive in: always verify your tension. Aim for 28sts and 40 rows = 10cm over the pattern with those 3.25mm needles. Too few stitches? Opt for thinner needles. Too many? Time for some thicker ones!

Pattern Lingo:

For all the newbies out there, there’s a handy abbreviation list right here. And just so you know, we’ll be using stitches like K1, P1, RIB. But don’t sweat it – all will be made clear in the steps below.

Diving into the Pattern:

I won’t go through every single stitch and row here for brevity’s sake, but here’s a snapshot:

For the body: Using your 3.25mm needles, you’ll cast on 172(192) sts and dive into a pattern. This involves various rows like the 1st row with RSF, p2, and so on, and then the 2nd, 3rd, 4th rows. You’ll find yourself repeating these rows, dividing for front and back, and making sure everything lines up just right.

As for the sleeves? Begin with 3mm needles, cast on, and get into that rib pattern. There are increases, straight knitting sessions, and special shaping towards the top. But follow along, and it’ll be a breeze!

The yoke is the cherry on top. Using those 3.25mm needles, rejoin yarns, and let the rib pattern magic happen with some decreasing rows. Switch to 3mm needles towards the end, knit a few rows, and cast off.

Final Touches: Block your pieces to the desired measurements. Cover with a damp cloth and let them dry peacefully. Once dry, sew those armhole seams, sleeve seams, and finish by sewing up the back seam. Don’t forget to slide in that zip!

Snapshot Details:

Materials Measurement Important Notes
4 ply baby wool, 15cm zip, 3mm & 3.25mm needles Chest: 50(56)cm, Length: 23(27)cm, Sleeve: 14(17)cm Check tension, Refer abbreviation list, Follow pattern instructions

How To Knit A Baby Pullover

Complement the information with the following video:



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