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Mastering the Basket Weave Crochet Stitch

Hello there, craft enthusiasts! It’s Rachel here, your yarn aficionado. Today, we’re diving deep into the world of the basket weave crochet stitch!

Before you leap into this technique, make sure you’re comfortable with fundamental crochet methods, especially those foundational stitches like double and treble. Ready? Let’s roll!

Creating Your Basket Weave: Step-by-Step

If you’re aiming for a 12 x 12 square, here’s a guideline tailored just for you. Remember, the wool’s thickness might alter the final dimensions. Fancy a bigger square? Your magic number is a multiple of 14, plus 4. Though I adore the 7 x 7 basket weave design, the video guide spotlights a 4 x 4 version. Whichever you choose, the core technique remains consistent!

Key Abbreviations:

  • yoh = yarn over hook.
  • trF = treble at the front. Think of it as hooking from the front to the back, then circling the next treble. After that, yoh, pull through, and complete as usual.
  • trB = treble at the back. This one’s the opposite of trF! Hook from back to front, circle the next treble, yoh, pull through, and finish off as per the norm.

Let’s Begin!

  1. Grab your 6.5mm hook and your Antique yarn, and craft 18 chains.
  2. Foundation Row: Start your treble stitch into the 4th chain from your hook. The first three chains are your initial treble. Move along each chain with a treble. By the end, you should spot 16 trebles, including the starting trio. Flip your work!
  3. Row 1: Craft 2 chains (count this as your first treble). Now, trF around the upcoming 7 trebles. For clarity, yarn over and insert the hook from front to back between the 1st and 2nd treble, circling the 2nd treble and pulling to the front between the 2nd and 3rd treble. Then, yoh and draw a loop through, leaving you with 3 loops. Yoh again, pull through the initial 2 loops, yoh once more and pull through the remaining pair. Congrats, treble complete! Continue with trF for the next 6 trebles. Your next task? trB! Continue with the previously explained technique, concluding with trB around the 2 chains. Flip your masterpiece!
  4. Rows 2 to 4: Repeat the magic of Row 1 thrice.
  5. Row 5: This is where patterns reverse! Start with 2 chains, follow with trB for the next 7 trebles, then trF for another 7. Conclude with trF around the 2 chains. Flip again!
  6. Rows 6 to 9: Emulate Row 5 fourfold.
  7. For pattern repeats across multiple rows, you’re looking at 10 in total. Thus, repeat Rows 6 to 9 five times.
  8. Seal the deal and fasten off!

Note: Basket weave stitches sit slightly lower as they’re worked around others. A duo of chains helps maintain the height.

For a visual treat, check out a video guide that showcases a 4 x 4 basket weave. A heads up – they might reference double stitches, not treble, but fret not! Terminologies can vary globally.

Queries? Thoughts? I’m all ears (or eyes ) in the comments section! Let’s weave some magic together!

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Crucial Takeaways

Technique Abbreviation Description
Yarn Over Hook yoh Wrapping the yarn over your crochet hook.
Treble at Front trF Hooking from the front to the back, circling the next treble, then pulling through and completing as usual.
Treble at Back trB The reverse of trF. Hook from back to front, circle the next treble, then finish off in the standard manner.

Basket Weave Crochet Stitch Instructions

Complement the information with the following video:



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