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Guide to Circular Knitting Needles by Rachel


Hey Yarn Lovers! Dive into the World of Circular Knitting Needles with Rachel!

For all the passionate knitters out there, searching for the ultimate circular knitting needles can be a thrilling adventure. Trust me, you’re gonna need ’em at some point in your knitting journey!

Here’s the scoop: circular knitting needles aren’t just super fun, but they’re a game-changer! Think seamless sweaters, cozy socks, trendy hats, and chic bags. Yup, all that magic with no seams!

What makes them special? Picture regular straight knitting needles. Now, connect them with a flexible cord, holding all your gorgeous stitches together. Materials? You got bamboo, metal, resin, and plastic. Some come fixed with the cord, while others play mix and match with an interchangeable system. That means you can swap the tips for different sizes as per your project’s demands!

Good news! They are available in every US size up to 15. Why spend your time hunting in physical stores when you can snag them online? ️

Curious about my top recommendations? Scroll down to get the deets on the best circular knitting needles you can order online.

Knitting 101: The Lowdown on Circular Knitting Needles

Ever wondered why these circular wonders are the talk of the knitting town? They make knitting tubes a cakewalk. That means no side stitching or dealing with annoying seams. Some knitting pros even use them for flat patterns, giving them a unique touch without joining the round.

Wait, there’s more! From intricate lacework to cabling, these needles can do it all. The thumb rule? More stitches need a longer needle. And if your project gets too tiny for them, just hop onto double pointed needles.

When using circular needles, always have the right side greeting you. For a Stocking Stitch, knit away! For the Garter Stitch, alternate between knit and purl rows. Feeling the reverse Stockinette vibe? Purl to your heart’s content. And, if you’re dreaming big like blankets or throws, these needles can carry more stitches per row than the traditional ones.

Get Started: Knitting on Circular Needles

For visual learners, I’ve found an awesome video that walks you through the art of knitting with these circular buddies.

Top Circular Knitting Needle Picks Online!

Shop smart with my handpicked favorites from trusted online retailers. Just tap on the image of the needle that catches your eye to know more!

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Quick Glance: Circular Knitting Needles Essentials

Needle Material Benefits
Bamboo Lightweight, grips yarn well
Metal Durable, smooth glide
Resin Sturdy, flexible
Plastic Lightweight, affordable

The Best Circular Knitting Needles Are Available Online

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