Unique Boys’ Sweater Knits for Pros!

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Illuminate Winter Days with a Cozy Boy’s Sweater!

Hey there, yarn enthusiasts! It’s Rachel, and I’ve got a fabulous cable-knit sweater pattern for those looking for a bit of a challenge. Amp up your knitting game and create a warm and snuggly masterpiece for your kiddo.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Yarn: 7(8;9;9;10) 50g balls of Pingouin Family Knit DK in Navy Blue (or any color you adore!).
  • Extras: 5 cute buttons.
  • Tools: A pair of 3mm and 3 1/4mm knitting needles, and a stitch or cable needle.

Sizing Info:

Designed for ages 4(6;8;10;12) years. Remember, the numbers in round brackets ( ) signify bigger sizes. If there’s just one number, it’s for all sizes!

Knitting Gauge:

Aim for 24sts and 32 rows to make a 10cm square using the reversed stocking stitch and 3 1/4 needles.

Pattern Details:

We’ve got two main patterns here: The Honeycomb Pattern and The Cable Panel. The honeycomb one has 8 rows forming a pattern, and the cable panel consists of 6 rows for its pattern. Want the nitty-gritty abbreviations? Let me know!

I won’t bore you with every single step for the back, front, and sleeves, but know that it’s a mix of casting on, working in patterns, increasing, decreasing, and casting off to shape the sweater perfectly.

Important Details:

Aspect Details
Yarn 7(8;9;9;10) 50g balls of Pingouin Family Knit DK
Needle Sizes 3mm and 3 1/4mm
Knitting Gauge 24sts x 32 rows = 10cm
Sizes 4(6;8;10;12) years

Boys Sweater Knitting Pattern For Advanced Knitters

Complement the information with the following video:



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