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Hey there! It’s Rachel. Ever since I was a kiddo, I’ve been mesmerized by the masterpieces my mom would create using her flat bed knitting machine. Imagine this: she would whip up two or three cozy jerseys in a single afternoon! That meant no trips to the store for school jerseys or jackets. It was all homemade goodness, right from that magical machine.

Fast forward to today, and while these amazing flat bed knitting machines may not be as famous as they once were, they haven’t lost their charm. And the good news? You can still get your hands on one, whether through a local sewing shop or (often for a better deal) online.

The world of machine knitting isn’t limited to just one style. You can create a plethora of patterns, be it lace or the intricate cable stitch. Fun fact: A flatbed knitting machine comes equipped with straight needle beds that feature independently operated latch-type needles. Cool, right?

Now, you might ask, “Rachel, should I go for a flatbed or a circular knitting machine?” Great question! If you’re into creating stylish, high-fashion pieces, flatbed is your buddy. But for simpler delights like scarves, beanies, or socks, a circular machine will do just fine. Although, keep in mind that circular machines have some limitations when it comes to designing sweaters.

Here’s another fun tidbit: There’s more than one type of flatbed machine! Ever heard of a V bed knitting machine? It boasts two rib-gated needle beds set at an angle between 90 and 104 degrees to each other. This unique design makes ribbing a breeze and results in a charming inverted V-pattern. But I’ve got to admit, they’re a bit rare to find online.

Top Picks: Flat Bed Knitting Machines for Sale ️

I’ve done some digging, and here are a few of the flat bed knitting machines I found online:

LK150 6.5mm Mid Gauge 150 Stitches Portable Plastic Domestic Smart Weaving Loom Kit

This gem is crafted from durable plastic, making it not only lightweight but also portable. Unlike those old-school metal models, this one’s a breeze to handle. Its 150 roller-capped latch needles promise a smooth and silent knitting session.

The best part? It’s compatible with most hand-knitting yarn types! Especially the chunkier yarns. It’s so user-friendly that even your kiddo can join in the fun. The package includes a crochet hook, clamps, a wireframe tool, a row counter, and more. Dimensions? 42.52 x 7.87 x 3.74 inches. Just remember, you’ll need a table with a lip for setting it up. Kudos to Silver Reed for this masterpiece!

On a budget? The Incredible Sweater Machine might be up your alley.

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Key Details Description
Flatbed vs. Circular Flatbed for fashion items, Circular for simpler items.
Needle Type Latch-type needles.
V Bed Machine Has two rib-gated needle beds for an inverted V-pattern.
LK150 Features Portable, 150 latch needles, works with chunkier yarns.

Flat Bed Knitting Machines For Sale

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