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Adorable Baby Elephant Knitting Pattern

Hey there, it’s Rachel! If you’re all about creating unique and cuddly toys, this knitting pattern is perfect for you! Featuring floppy ears, this baby elephant is destined to be the star of any nursery. Dive in and let’s make some magic with yarn!


Your finished baby elephant will stand tall at approximately 25cm.


  • About 100g of Grey Family Knit DK
  • 3 mm Knitting Needles
  • Non-flammable Toy Stuffing
  • Black Embroidery Yarn for those cute eyes

Let’s Dive Into Knitting!

Body And Legs

Start by casting on 16 sts for the front leg. St st 16 rows. When done, break off the yarn but leave sts on a backup needle. Repeat this step. In the next row, knit 16, cast on another 8 sts, and knit 16 sts from your backup needle, summing up to 40 sts. Then, St st for 21 rows.

Shape the Back and Neck

Begin the next row by casting off 4 sts. Knit until the last 2 sts and then knit them together. The following row requires you to purl 2 together and then purl till the end. This sequence should be repeated 5 more times. After that, cast off the remaining 4 sts. Work on the other side, ensuring you reverse the shapes for the back and neck.


Make 2 identical parts. Work them as you did the body and legs. After reaching 40 sts, St st for 7 rows and cast off.

Head and Neck

Begin the head by casting on 6 sts for the trunk and St st 6 rows, increasing one stitch at both ends in every row, leading to 18 sts. In the following row, K6 and keep these stitches on a safety pin for the end of the trunk, then cast off 3 sts and knit to the end. From there, St st 15 rows on the last 9 sts. Later, work on shaping the neck by casting on 14 sts and St st 2 rows. Increase a stitch at both ends of the upcoming 4 knit rows. Once you reach 22 sts, purl a row. The next step involves knitting across 22 sts, casting on 3 more, and knitting 9 sts of the trunk. This will total 34 sts. Start decreasing one stitch at the beginning of the next 8 purl rows. Once at 26 sts, knit a row. A marking on each end of the last row is essential. In the upcoming 7 rows, decrease a stitch at each end. After that, cast off the remaining 12 sts and St st 3 rows across the 6 stitches on the safety pin, then cast off. Make another identical piece, but reverse the shapes for the trunk and the front head.

Head Gusset

Start by casting on 2 sts, then St st 2 rows. In the next row, increase in each stitch, then increase one stitch at both ends of the upcoming 3 knit rows. After 12 rows of St st, start decreasing one stitch at both ends of the next 4 purl rows, ending up with 2 sts. Knit a row, then cast off.


Make 2 of them by casting on 20 sts. With g st, increase a stitch at both ends of the upcoming 6 alternate rows, then knit 14 rows. Thereafter, decrease a stitch at both ends of the next 3 rows, summing up to 26 sts, then cast off.

Soles and Tail

For the soles, make 4 identical pieces. Start by casting on 6 sts, St st 2 rows, and increase a stitch at both ends of the next 2 knit rows. After St st 5 rows, decrease a stitch at both ends of the next 2 knit rows. When you’re back to 6 sts, purl a row and cast off. For the tail, cast on 6 sts and St st 16 rows. In the next row, knit 2 together three times. Finally, thread the yarn through the 3 remaining sts, pull tightly, and secure.

Assembly Time!

Stitch the underbody pieces together. Attach the body legs to the underbody legs, leaving the cast-on edges open. The soles go next. After stitching the remaining sides of the body, stuff it firmly. Attach the head gusset between the markers, then sew and stuff the head and trunk. The ears need a pleat in the center, then attach them to the head. Finally, sew the tail and embroider the eyes.

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Pattern Details Specifications
Size Approximately 25cm
Main Material Grey Family Knit DK
Needles 3 mm
Stuffing Non-flammable Toy Stuffing
Accent Black Embroidery Yarn

Free Knitting Pattern Elephant

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