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Jumpstart Your Knitting Journey!


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Hey there, it’s Rachel! If you’re itching to embark on your knitting journey, you’re in the right spot! Knitting is a fascinating art, and just like any craft, it’s essential to be equipped with some basics to get you going.

Often, you might stumble upon some knitting essentials in a forgotten drawer at home, such as:

  • Trusty scissors ✂️
  • Handy pins and needles
  • Essential rulers
  • Measuring tape for precise measurements

But let’s be real, starting strong is all about being fully prepared. So here’s a rundown of must-haves for a newbie knitter like you:

1. Measuring Tape

This isn’t just any tape; it’s the lifeline of your projects! From gauging your own size to ensuring you’re following patterns to the T, this tool is indispensable. Go for the fabric-coated variant for durability and ease. Pro tip: Hang it around your neck for quick access!

2. Dressmakers Shears ✂️

Eight-inch bent shears are your best buddies. With one bent and one straight blade, these are designed for seamless fabric cutting. The unique bend ensures you don’t lift your fabric, ensuring precise cuts. And remember, they’re exclusively for fabrics! No paper cutting allowed!

3. Trimming Scissors ✂️

Perfect for those intricate cuts! If they aren’t cutting right up to their tips, they’re not the right ones!

4. Fabric Markers ️

Marking your fabric is a game-changer! Here are some options:

  • Disappearing dressmakers chalks: Ideal for darker materials, and guess what? The markings vanish post-wash or ironing.
  • Wash-out pencils: Perfect for dark fabrics and can be wiped off easily.
  • Vanishing Markers: Perfect for lighter fabrics. The marks fade away within a day.
  • Water-Erasable Markers: These markers shine on light to medium fabrics.

5. Pin Cushion and Glass Head Pins

Securing your pattern or holding fabric pieces together? Pins to the rescue! Opt for Glass Headpins – they’re visible and won’t melt under an iron. Keep them safe in a pin box or wear a wrist pincushion for easy access.

6. Needles

Invest in a variety pack. They cater to most hand sewing projects, and you’ll always have the right needle at hand!

7. Quick Unpicker or Seam Ripper

Mistakes happen, and that’s okay! This tool ensures you can undo stitches with ease. Absolutely essential!

Remember, the right tools are half the battle won. Once you’re equipped, consider seeking a seasoned knitting mentor to guide your path. And voilà, you’re all set to knit away!

Tool Description
Measuring Tape Essential for accurate measurements.
Dressmakers Shears Perfect for cutting fabric with precision.
Trimming Scissors Best for detailed trimming.
Fabric Markers Vital for marking and transferring patterns.
Pin Cushion and Glass Head Pins Helps in securing patterns and fabrics.
Needles Crucial for all sewing tasks.
Quick Unpicker or Seam Ripper Must-have for correcting stitching errors.

How To Get Started With Sewing – The Basics

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