Craft a Cozy Heart Patch with Knitting Bliss!

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Revamp Your Clothes with a Knitted Heart Patch!

Ever thought about spicing up your outfits with a delightful touch of handmade creativity? How about using a knitted heart patch? These lovely additions can be sewn onto clothes, adding a personal flair. Or why not use them as protective patches, especially on those adorable knitted baby pants to safeguard the little knees?

Let’s Dive into Knitting a Heart Patch!

Embark on this journey with me and I’ll guide you through! And don’t worry if some terms sound like gibberish, I’ve got you covered with all the knitting abbreviations you’ll need.

  1. Start with 4 mm needles and your favorite 4-ply red yarn. Cast on 2 stitches.
  2. 1st Row (WS): Purl all the way.
  3. 2nd Row: Knit 1, Make 1 Right (M1R), Make 1 Left (M1L), Knit 1. You’ll have 4 stitches now.
  4. 3rd Row: Again, purl all stitches.
  5. Continue this pattern, increasing stitches as instructed in each row until you complete the heart patch. Refer to the details below to finish your patch with perfection!

Additional Details for the Knitting Enthusiasts:

Row Number Instructions
20th Row K1, SSK, k4, turn (work on 6 stitches for the top right heart). Place remaining stitches on a holder or safety pin.
25th Row Purl 2 together (you’ll have 1 stitch left).
Finishing Touch Break the yarn, and thread it through the remaining stitch. Pull tight. Congrats on your heart patch! ❤️

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How To Knit A Heart Patch

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