Cozy Up: Master the Art of Shawl Knitting in Simple Steps

Knitting a Chic Shawl


Ready to Knit an Awesome Shawl?

Hey there, budding knitter! I’m Rachel, your creative guide through the world of yarn. Let’s dive into knitting a fabulous shawl that’s not only trendy but also super comfy!

Choosing Your Yarn

For our project, we’re going with the plushy feel of mohair yarn. Think of it as three strands of softness working together for a textured, yet airy feel. And guess what? We’re jazzing it up with some fringes and tassels to give it that extra oomph.

Materials to Get Started:

  • 6 x Angel Mohair balls (Composition: 32% acrylic, 24% mohair, and 44% polyamide)
  • 4.5 mm Knitting Needles

Fun Fact: Your masterpiece will be around 93 x 143 cm when completed. And here’s a pro-tip: always work with 3 strands of yarn for the best finish.

Knitting Time!

Grab your 4.5 mm needles and your trio of yarn strands, and let’s cast on 3 sts. Your primary technique? The stocking stitch. And don’t worry, just follow the rhythm: increase a stitch at the edges and then decrease, until you’ve got your perfect shawl shape.

Tassel Party

Tassels add that special flair to your shawl. Crafting them is a breeze. Just wrap your yarn around a cardboard piece a few times, tie, trim, and voila! Attach these beauties to each corner, and you’ve added character to your shawl.

Finishing Touch: Fringe

Surround your shawl with a playful fringe. Cut even strands of yarn and attach them to the shawl’s edges. It’s the details that make all the difference!

Shawl Quick Details:
Yarn Angel Mohair
Needles 4.5 mm
Size 93 x 143 cm
Technique Stocking stitch
Special Features Fringes & Tassels

How To Knit A Shawl

Complement the information with the following video:



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