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Dive into the World of Bobble Knitting!

Hey there, fellow yarn enthusiasts! It’s Rachel here. If you’ve come across a quirky bobbled cloth pattern and are scratching your head about how to get those adorable bobbles perfect, then you’re in luck!

Understanding the Bobble

So, what’s this bobble everyone’s talking about? Imagine a cute, raised bump on your knitting piece. That’s a bobble! It’s created by artfully increasing stitches from one stitch, working a few short rows, and then bringing them back to one stitch. The outcome? An adorable little bump that stands out amidst your pattern. And if you’ve seen those bumps in between beautiful cabling patterns, yep, those are bobbles!

Tips for a Perfect Bobble

Once you’ve knitted your bobble, ensure the next stitch is tight to have the bobble pop out in the front. Similarly, tighten the preceding stitch on the next row. This nifty trick ensures no unwanted gaps in your masterpiece.

Why Bobbles?

Bobbles aren’t just for show; they add a fabulous 3D texture to your knitting piece! Whether it’s to jazz up an Aran Sweater, adorn the hemline of a jersey, or sprinkle some charm around necklines, bobbles have got you covered. Oh, and did I mention how lovely they look just dotted here and there?

Try This Bobble Pattern!

Ready to put your newfound knowledge into action? Here’s a simple pattern for an 8×8-inch square – perfect for a blanket piece or a textured dishcloth.

  • Materials: 1 Skein of worsted cotton (100 grams).
  • Needles: US 6 or 4mm.


  • MB – Make Bobble
  • BO – Bind off
  • CO – Cast on
  • K – Knit
  • K2tog – Knit two together
  • …and others.


  • Start with CO 39 sts.
  • Begin with 3 rows in garter stitch…
  • And follow the pattern rows as mentioned.

Once done, weave in the ends and voila, you’ve mastered bobbles!

Aspect Details
What’s a Bobble? A raised bump created by increasing and decreasing stitches.
Bobble Uses Enhancing texture, adorning sweaters, hemlines, and necklines.
Pattern Materials 1 Skein of worsted cotton (100 grams), US 6 or 4mm needles.

Happy knitting and don’t hesitate to drop your queries or comments!

How To Knit Bobbles

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