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Ever wondered how to craft i cords, or perhaps, how to produce other fancy cords? Look no further, I’ve got the scoop right here! I-cords have a myriad of applications, from sprucing up your home to elevating your craft projects. They’re fantastic for bundling gifts with personalized cards or, really, tying up anything with style. My little girl, for instance, adorns herself with jewelry made from them. Plus, for all the knitting enthusiasts out there, cords make for a fabulous finish on knitted creations. ✨

Cords aren’t just limited to knitting, though! They can give your scrapbooking projects an elegant touch. The best part? Crafting your cords means you get to handpick colors to seamlessly fit your scrapbook’s theme. Ever heard of embroidery floss? It’s simply perfect for crafting cords. With its vast, vibrant color range and easily separable strands, you can merge various hues to make multicolored cords.

Guide to Crafting Cords:

Twisted Cords:

Craving a twisted look? It’s easier with a partner to hold the ends, but if solo, no worries – a door handle’s got you covered! Remember to cut the strands longer than your desired cord length since twisting will shrink them. Deciding on the cord’s thickness is as simple as adding or subtracting strands. Here’s how:

  • Cut the embroidery cotton about 30% longer than the end goal for your cord.
  • Tie a knot on one end and divide the strands into two equal bunches.
  • Have someone hold the knotted end, or secure it to a sturdy anchor if you’re alone.
  • Hold a bunch in each hand and twist them in the same direction until the cords start to buckle.
  • Combine the ends and release or detach from your anchor. The strands will naturally wind and twist around one another. Once they stop, straighten the cord, tie the free ends, and give them a neat trim. Voila!

Braided Cords:

Braided cords let you flaunt your creativity! You can weave in tiny trinkets as you braid or blend floss colors to match your project’s theme. And why not finish with a tassel? It adds flair! Here’s a step-by-step to get you started:

  • Cut three lengths of embroidery floss, slightly more than double the intended cord length.
  • Hold them together and slide them through an item you wish to hang, positioning it at the cord’s midpoint.
  • Double the floss around the item, aligning the two ends.
  • View each floss bunch as a single entity and braid them tightly.
  • Upon finishing the braid, knot the loose ends. Your cord is ready for its debut!
  • To attach it to a scrapbook, insert a brad’s arms through the braided cord and then through a hole on your page. Secure and you’re set!

I Cord Basics:

Knitting your own i cord is a breeze! I stumbled upon an enlightening video tutorial that’ll have you knitting i cords in a jiffy. Dive in, and you’ll master it in no time!

Armed with all this knowledge, there’s only one thing left to do: jump in and start crafting!

Key Takeaways:

Type of Cord Materials Instructions
Twisted Cords Embroidery cotton, sturdy anchor or helper Twist two bunches of floss in the same direction, then combine ends.
Braided Cords Embroidery floss, small embellishments (optional) Braid three lengths of floss, adding embellishments as desired.
I Cords Knitting needle, yarn Follow the i cord knitting tutorial.

I Cord Instructions For You

Complement the information with the following video:



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