Chic Charm Knitting: Craft Your Own Unique Bag Accessory!

Hey there, yarn enthusiasts! Are you eager to jazz up your bag with a trendy charm? From the fluffiest of pompoms to the most adorable animals, bag charms are all the rage right now! And guess what? Knitting them is an absolute breeze! Ever thought about knitting a raccoon charm? It took me, Rachel, just about 3 hours to craft one such delightful piece. Want to know how? Dive in! By the way, this adorable raccoon pattern is credited to the talented Louise Smith.


Giving handmade gifts like this is a wonderful gesture, and trust me, folks just love attaching them to their bags! Looking for more charm kits? Well, there’s a vast sea of options available online to catch your attention!

DIY Raccoon Bag Charm:

Imagine creating this cute Racoon Bag Charm in less than half a day! Exciting, right?


  • DK yarn (Perfect for your yarn leftovers!)
  • For me, it was:
    • Yarn A – Grey
    • Yarn B – White
    • Yarn C – Dark Grey
  • 3mm knitting needles
  • 3mm crochet hook
  • A bit of toy stuffing or batting
  • A smidge of black embroidery cotton
  • Tapestry needle
  • Keychain

Your DK yarn would be suitable as 4 ply with the tension being 26 sts and 30 rows measuring 10x10cm (4x4in) when using 3mm needles.

Wondering about abbreviations? No worries, a comprehensive list is available! For this pattern, K1B implies using Yarn B for the next stitch and K2A indicates the next stitch with Yarn A.

The raccoon charm starts off simple with casting on 4sts using yarn A and 3mm needles, followed by a sequence of rows that include a mix of purls, knits, and specific stitches using different yarn colors. It’s essential to follow M1R and M1L instructions to prevent gaps. With the right set of instructions, creating the raccoon face, its adorable ears, and finally sewing everything together becomes a fun exercise!

Finishing Touches:
After knitting, it’s time to bring the raccoon to life! Embroider the details, attach the ears, stuff it, and finally attach it to a keychain. Flaunt your creation and watch your friends go ‘aww’!

Other Knitting Tips:

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Details Specifications
Bag Charm Type Raccoon
Knitting Time Approximately 3 hours
Yarn Type DK yarn
Needles 3mm knitting needles
Additional Requirements Crochet hook, toy stuffing, embroidery cotton

How To Knit A Bag Charm

Complement the information with the following video:



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