Unraveling the Mystery: What Are Knitting Barber Cords?

Knitting Barber Cords Unveiled by Rachel


Discovering the Magic of Knitting Barber Cords!

Hey fellow yarn enthusiasts, Rachel here! ‍♀️ While exploring the knitting world, I stumbled upon people buzzing about knitting barber cords. Wondering what they were? I’ve got the scoop for you!

What Exactly Are These Cords?

Let’s unravel the mystery! Knitting barber cords are essentially hollow cables crafted for knitters as stitch holders. They’re made from silicone and you’d typically find them in sets containing three distinct cables inside a chic tin box: two shorter ones (75 cm each) and a longer one (150 cm). They’re designed to fit knitting needles up to 6mm thick.
And guess what? They come in a rainbow of 14 vibrant colors including black, brown, red, orange, yellow, light green, green, light blue, blue, violet, mauve, fuchsia, pink, and white. Each shade is sold individually.

Want to use them? It’s a breeze! Just press the cable end onto your knitting needle tip. This allows you to smoothly transfer stitches onto the cable. When you’re ready to pick them back up, just slide them effortlessly back onto the needle.

How Do They Enhance Your Knitting Experience?

These cords serve as game-changing stitch holders and can be integrated into your projects in several ways:

  • Keep stitches in place when crafting a design that requires you to knit one shoulder side followed by the other.
  • When a new project beckons but you’re already working on one? Just transfer your stitches to the knitting barber cord!
  • Trying on a garment for the perfect fit? Use these cords for sleeve ends, as demonstrated in the video provided.

A special shoutout to Jojo Stolpe (The Knitting Barber) from Vasa, Finland, for handcrafting these beauties! They promise to be more efficient and handy than traditional stitch holders. Interested? You can grab yours directly from the Knitting Barber’s official website.

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Key Details Description
Material Silicone
Set Contents 2 * 75 cm cords, 1 * 150 cm cord
Colors Available 14 (Black, Brown, Red, and more)
Usage Stitch Holder
Creator Jojo Stolpe (The Knitting Barber)
Origin Vasa, Finland

What Are Knitting Barber Cords?

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