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Knitting Tips by Rachel


Hey there, it’s Rachel! Let’s Dive into the World of Knitting!

Embarking on a knitting journey and need some pointers? Fret not! I’ve been there, done that, and am here to share what I’ve learned from my own knitting adventures and those of my fellow yarn enthusiasts.

Tackling Common Knitting Challenges:

Issue #1: Unintentional Stitch Increase! How to Combat It?

Many newbies face this – you’re knitting away and suddenly, your stitches multiply. Here’s why: after completing a row, your stitches end up on the right needle and the left one’s empty. Flipping your work to continue, the yarn’s at the back. Remember, never loop the yarn over the right-side needle, or you’ll add an unwanted stitch! Instead, lead the yarn underneath, towards your left, going around. Avoid pulling your yarn over the needle as it can make a single stitch appear double.

Issue #2: Where Am I in This Pattern?!

We’ve all been there, lost in a sea of intricate patterns, especially lace. First, consider enlarging your pattern by photocopying it, making notes easier. Want a real game-changer? Invest in a magnetized board (check out craft store’s cross-stitch sections). Use its magnet as an “underline” for your current row, sliding it down as you progress. If working with a chart, highlighting completed or upcoming rows can be a lifesaver.

Issue #3: Oops, Made a Mistake…Now What?

Mistakes happen to the best of us! If you spot a blunder just a few stitches back, don’t panic! Either ‘tink’ (that’s ‘knit’ backward ) or undo those stitches. Discovering an error from ages ago? Unless it’s a dropped stitch, it’s typically best to ‘frog’ (yep, that’s removing your knitting from the needles and pulling back to the error). It may seem daunting, but it ensures a pristine finish.

Issue #4: Dropped a Stitch and Panicking?

It’s a common hiccup but fixable! If you notice a “ladder” forming downwards, it indicates a dropped stitch. Knit up to that point, grab a suitable crochet hook, insert it front-to-back into the dropped stitch, and start chaining upwards by hooking and pulling through the loose yarns. Once back at the top, slip it onto the right needle, knit, and voilà! Crisis averted!

Extra Knitting Resources:

If you’re eager to explore more, there are fantastic knitting books online tailored especially for beginners.

Quick Knitting Recap:

Issues Solutions
Unintended Stitch Increase Ensure yarn positioning is correct when starting a new row.
Lost in Pattern Enlarge, highlight, or use a magnetized board.
Mistakes in the Knit ‘Tink’ or ‘Frog’ based on the error’s position.
Dropped Stitches Use a crochet hook to chain back up!

Knitting Help And Common Knitting Mistakes

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