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Welcome to the exciting universe of knitting! If you’re at the onset of your knitting adventure, you might be on the hunt for easy-to-follow knitting patterns tailored for beginners. While the web is teeming with resources, sometimes it’s refreshing to have a physical book to leisurely flip through and decide on your next creative endeavor.

For those who can’t resist a freebie, keep reading for a stunning felted vase cover pattern, right at your fingertips!

But first, let’s talk about some incredible knitting pattern books available online. Not only do they promise endless hours of knitting delight, but they’re also budget-friendly – costing you less than a latte! If you choose to snag any of these gems, I’ll receive a tiny token of appreciation at no extra charge to you. Simply explore more about each book to make your choice!

Must-have Knitting Pattern Books

12 Knitted Scarf Patterns: Fabulous Free Knitting Patterns for Beginners
What’s the charm of this booklet? Well, it’s available for free! When chilly winds make you reach for warmth, nothing beats a self-knitted, cozy scarf. Instead of splurging on a store-bought piece, indulge in crafting unique scarf patterns. It’s high time you experienced the joy and satisfaction veteran knitters always rave about! However, make sure you’re familiar with reading a knitting pattern or check out common knitting abbreviations.

KNITTING FOR BEGINNERS: Complete Guide to Start Knitting and Create Amazing Patterns
Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned knitter, this book covers an array of stitches, helping you hone or diversify your skills. Dive into detailed, picture-rich instructions ranging from mastering the basics to exploring advanced techniques. Enhance your knitting finesse and produce gorgeous finished crafts!

Why this book is a treasure:

  • Master reading knitting charts and patterns.
  • Quickly grasp knitting with vivid images and detailed guidance.
  • Understand the nuances of English vs. Continental Knitting Methods.
  • Discover 15 delightful knitting patterns.
  • Unearth top beginner tips and explore 20 diverse knitting stitches and 12 distinct techniques.

Think of this as your enhanced “Knitting for Dummies.” There’s a wealth of knowledge available online, but the above books, brimming with patterns loved by beginners and experts alike, are pure gold!

FREE Pattern Alert: Stripey Vases

Here’s a delightful addition to my collection: a vibrantly striped vase. Once knitted, it undergoes a felting process and snugly fits over plastic bottles. You’d knit both variants using 10mm needles. Learn more about the felting technique, which involves knitting with large needles and then shrinking the craft in a washing machine. You’ll need two yarn strands to knit each vase. Let’s dive into the specifics:

Materials Needed:

  • 3 distinct wool shades (1 ball each for both small and large vase covers). Consider Aran 100% wool ideal for felting.
  • 10mm Knitting Needles.

For the Small Vase, use 10mm needles and two strands of your first shade. Start with casting on 5 sts. The knitting process then involves a series of color transitions and stitching techniques. The Large Vase follows a similar pattern but starts with casting on 7 sts.

For the felting process, use the washing machine’s hottest setting. Place the vase with a white towel and eco washing balls. Once done, let it dry for a day. Finally, align the knitting edge atop the bottle, trim any excess, and ensure the vase’s stability with some weights.

More on Knitting!

If you’re venturing beyond hand knitting, there are knitting machines to explore and a world of loom knitting patterns awaiting you. And if you’re just starting, remember the golden rule of knitting: ‘in, over, through, out.’

Highlights Details
Free Knitting Patterns 12 Knitted Scarf Patterns
Recommended Book KNITTING FOR BEGINNERS: Complete Guide
Free Pattern Highlight Stripey Vases
Materials for Vases 3 wool shades, 10mm Knitting Needles
Felting Process Hot wash cycle in washing machine

Knitting Patterns Beginners Will Love

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