Effortless Yarn Tassels: Create Flair with Simple Steps!

Yarn Tassel Creation with Rachel!


Ever had the itch to craft your own yarn tassels? Well, you’re in the right place! I’m Rachel, your yarn enthusiast and artist, here to guide you through the exciting journey of tassel-making!

The beauty of crafting your own tassels? You have the freedom to pick any color to perfectly match your decor or projects!

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Why Tassels, you ask?

Tassels aren’t just pretty; they’re versatile! Here’s a quick list of their many uses:

  • Accentuating curtains with a braided cord attachment
  • Adorning bookmarks
  • Enhancing graduation caps
  • Creating cute woolen figures for kiddos
  • Scrapbooking decorations
  • Zipping up your handbag’s style
  • Corner decor for tablecloths
  • Boosting the flair of your knitted scarves
  • Beanie buddies – a tassel or two hanging off
  • Beautifying afghans or shawls

The type of thread or yarn you pick will depend on the thickness you desire. For beginners, starting with yarn tassels is a good idea. When working on scrapbook layouts, thinner materials like embroidery cotton are ideal, while for apparel and home items, thicker materials like cord, wool, or string work best.

DIY Yarn Tassels

Follow these steps to make your tassels:

  1. Grab a sturdy card. The longer side should be the desired tassel length.
  2. Wrap yarn or cotton around the long side, about twenty times for a standard tassel. Mix colors for fun effects!
  3. Slide a string under these loops, tie a double knot at the top, and gently slide the loops off the card.
  4. Create a tassel neck by tying another string a bit below the first tie, forming a bubbly top.
  5. Use a tapestry needle (eye down) and wrap the remaining thread tightly around the tassel and needle. Secure by threading the needle under this wrap, and then trim.
  6. Finally, snip through the looped bottom to release the tassel’s fringe. Fluff it out, and you’re done!

For a more detailed walkthrough, there’s a helpful video tutorial at the end of this post!

Super Strings Lanterns Kit

Want a comprehensive kit for tassel-making? The Super Strings Lanterns kit offers a fantastic way to craft elegant lanterns adorned with tassels. With this kit, you can illuminate your space while mastering the art of string tassels. The package is packed with various crafting strings, metallic accents, inflatable craft balls, glaze, a tassel tool, battery-operated tea lights, and more! And don’t worry; it comes with step-by-step instructions. Suitable for ages 12 and up.

Book Recommendation: Decorative Tassels and How to Make Them

Ready to elevate your tassel game? Dive into this comprehensive guide packed with 40 unique projects and over 350 inspiring photos, catering to both novices and seasoned crafters!

Key Takeaways Details
Yarn Tassels Perfect for DIY enthusiasts. Choose your desired colors and material thickness.
Uses of Tassels From curtain decors and bookmarks to scrapbooking and beanie embellishments.
DIY Steps Start with a card, wrap the yarn, create a neck, and finalize with flair.
Super Strings Lanterns Kit A complete tassel-making package with tools and step-by-step guidance.
Recommended Book Decorative Tassels and How to Make Them offers 40 projects and 350+ photos.

How To Make Yarn Tassels – It’s Super Simple

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