Master PSSO Knitting: Your Ultimate Guide to Slip, Stitch & Over!

Unlocking the Secrets of PSSO Knitting!


Hey there, crafty friend! I’m Rachel, your go-to yarn artist, and I’m thrilled to unravel the world of PSSO Knitting for you. Wondering what that means? PSSO stands for Pass Slipped Stitch Over. It’s a fantastic way to create a bound-off stitch smack dab in the middle of your row. Not just that, it’s a decrease technique used in some unique stitch patterns, and it’s fabulous for double decreases (yep, decreasing two stitches simultaneously)! Whether you’re on the knit or purl side of your work, PSSO has got you covered.

Mastering PSSO on the Knit Side

  1. Start by slipping 1 stitch knitwise from the LH needle to the RH needle.
  2. Next, knit the following stitch on the LH needle.
  3. Here’s the magic touch: insert the tip of the LH needle into the slipped stitch. Now, effortlessly glide it over the knitted stitch, letting it slip off the needle, just like you’re performing a bind-off. Ta-da!

Getting the Hang of PSSO on the Purl Side

  1. Begin with a simple purl 1 stitch.
  2. Then, slip the very next stitch knitwise to the RH needle. Don’t forget to return it in its transformed direction back to the LH needle.
  3. Shift that purled stitch (from your first step) from the RH needle back to the LH needle.
  4. For the finale, insert your RH needle into the slipped stitch and gracefully bring it over the purled stitch, allowing it to fall off the needle. And voilà! ✨

By the way, ever heard the term SKP or stumbled upon the pattern instruction as sl1, k1, psso in knitting? They’re all referring to our star technique: PSSO. And guess what? There are some incredible videos out there showing PSSO in action, from double to single decreases. Trust me, watching it is like witnessing knitting poetry in motion!

Beginner’s Gold: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Knitting

Keen on diving deeper into the knitting world? I’ve got just the recommendation for you: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Knitting. For a steal at about $8, this guide, authored by the talented Becca Smith, will take you from being a newbie to knitting ninja. It’s not just about purl stitches and scarves. This guide will introduce you to hats, mittens, blankets, sweaters, socks, kimonos, and even the art of crafting your own patterns!

What sets this guide apart?

  • A fresh “learn-as-you-go” approach that’s beginner-friendly.
  • Laden with clear, intuitive photos for visual learners.
  • A little birdie (the Craft Yarn Council of America) told me that a whopping 53 million American women are into knitting or crocheting!
  • Becca isn’t just an expert knitter; she also runs her own knitting and yarn company. Talk about being immersed in the craft!

Quick Knitting Nuggets

Ever pondered on the Moss Stitch or the Purl Stitch? Dive into them; they’re fun, fascinating, and fabulously textured!

Key Details Description
PSSO Knitting Pass Slipped Stitch Over – A decrease technique in stitch patterns.
Knit Side PSSO Slip, knit, and bring slipped stitch over knitted stitch.
Purl Side PSSO Purl, slip, return, and bring slipped stitch over purled stitch.
Alternative Terms SKP, sl1, k1, psso
Recommended Guide The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Knitting by Becca Smith

PSSO Knitting – What It Is And How To Do It

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