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Rachel’s Quilting Journey


Rachel’s Dive into Quilting

Hey there! It’s Rachel, and I’ve recently dived deep into the world of quilting. Three years back, I embarked on making a queen-sized blanket and guess what? It’s done! As a rookie, I faced a few hurdles, and if you’re a beginner too, I believe you’ll find my journey relatable!

To kick start my quilting journey, I subscribed to the “Art of Quilting”. Monthly, they would dispatch materials for crafting a couple of quilt squares, each with unique techniques. Some squares tested my patience more than others, but hey, I’ve got eighty squares now!

The tricky part? Adding the batting to the quilt and securing it with my sewing machine. If I could give a piece of advice, I’d say use a long-armed sewing machine for quilting bulky blankets. Trust me on this!

So, What’s Quilting All About?

Quilting is essentially a technique where you stitch together multiple layers of fabric, creating a unique design. The result? A stunning quilt which can serve various purposes – from bedspreads to wall decor!

The Art of Quilting

A typical quilt boasts three layers: the top layer, insulating material, and the backing. Using either hands or a sewing machine, quilters pass a needle and thread through these layers, repeating the process to cover the entire quilt. This can be done using a variety of stitches. My quilt journey had me creating each square using a plethora of techniques. Once done, I connected them all with white strips. To finalize, I layered a large fabric piece, batting, and the quilt. Securing these layers was time-intensive, but the result? Totally worth it!

Hand Vs. Machine Quilting

Hand quilting is all about using your hands, needle, and thread to stitch over the fabric. Some quilters use frames or hoops for ease. You can opt for a single stitch or multiple ones before pulling the needle through the fabric. Machine quilting, on the flip side, uses sewing machines. Here, fabric layers are stacked, stretched on a flat surface, and pinned. While typical machine quilting involves moving fabric through the machine, long-arm quilting means moving the machine over the fabric.

A Dash of Quilting History

The term “quilting” traces its roots to the Latin word “culcita”, meaning a padded mattress. Originally developed to create thicker, warmth-providing fabrics, quilting’s oldest traces are found in Asia. Paintings from Egypt showcase people in quilted attire, probably for cold desert nights. Europe embraced quilting in the 12th century, thanks to the Crusaders. From a fashion symbol in Europe during the 14th to 17th centuries to a beloved hobby in colonial America, quilting has a rich tapestry of history.

Must-have Quilting Goodies for Newbies

  • Quiltmaker’s 1,000 Blocks: This guide has an array of blocks from top designers, covering techniques from applique to piecing.
  • ARTEZA Acrylic Quilters Ruler & Non Slip Rings: Perfect for clarity on any fabric, with patented double-colored design grid lines.
  • Quilting Supplies Pack of 160 Sewing Clips: An essential for holding multiple fabric layers. And guess what? No pins required!
Key Details Information
Quilting Definition Stitching together multiple fabric layers to create a design.
Typical Layers Top layer, insulating material, and backing.
Hand Quilting Uses hands, needle, and thread. Can involve single or multiple stitches.
Machine Quilting Relies on sewing machines. Fabric layers are stacked, stretched, and pinned.
Historical Roots Originated for making thicker, warm fabrics. Traced back to Asia.

Quilting Beginners Can Relate To

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