Top Rowan Knitting Patterns to Craft Now!

Hey there knitting enthusiast! Ever heard of Rowan Knitting Patterns? Imagine a book filled with their top-notch patterns just waiting for you to explore! Whether you’re knitting for the love of it or searching for that perfect gift for a knitting aficionado, this book is a treasure.


So, What’s the Story Behind Rowan?
Hold onto your knitting needles, because Rowan isn’t a person! Established in 1978 by Stephen Sheard and Simon Cocklin, Rowan started its journey above a grocery store near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England. Initially, their focus was on knitting kits and weaving essentials. However, they envisioned producing top-tier knitting yarn that would complement the hand knitting designs trending back then. They introduced natural fibers in a unique plain-box color variety, bringing to life the lightweight DK yarn with an impressive 98 shades.

Rowan’s name was inspired by the mesmerizing shrubs by the Holmes River in Yorkshire, an area rich in textile heritage. As the company grew, so did its logo, always adorned with Rowan leaves. In 1979, they found their home at the Green Lane Mill in Holmfirth for 15 years.

Even though their studio and ownership underwent some changes, their passion for quality fibers remained. Fast forward to today, and Rowan is a global sensation! They teamed up with Westminster Fibers in 1985, launching their brand in the US and subsequently spreading to over 30 countries.

In 1982, a serendipitous meeting with Kaffe Fassett charted a fresh course for Rowan: crafting designer projects for their ever-growing fan base. Their initial major hit? A mail-order kit showcased on the Woman & Home Magazine’s cover in 1983. This success paved the way for the Rowan magazine in 1986. Till date, they draw from key designers for inspiration, with Kaffe Fassett leading the charge, weaving magic with his vibrant designs.

Rowan’s ultimate dream? Providing high-end yarns combined with visionary designs, inspiring knitters worldwide.

Spotlight: Best Of Rowan Knitting Patterns
Ready to save big? The “Best Of Rowan” book serves up fifty spectacular Rowan patterns for about $60. This hardcover, 192-page gem is a must-have, especially if unique and elegant clothing patterns tickle your fancy. Dive in and explore exquisite patterns by renowned designers like Kaffe Fassett, Annabel Fox, Kim Hargreaves, and many more. With stellar photography and easy-to-follow guidelines, it’s a knitter’s dream come true.

There’s another treat, “Rowan’s Greatest Knits,” celebrating the best from their first 30 years, released on their 30th anniversary. Though slightly cheaper with 152 pages, it brings the retro vibes with patterns that can be revamped by a creative mind. If you love the oversized sweater trends from the 80s, this is for you! Yet again, it’s an indispensable part of any knitter’s collection.

Details Description
Company Rowan
Established 1978
Founders Stephen Sheard & Simon Cocklin
Origin West Yorkshire, England
Product Knitting Yarns & Patterns
Global Reach Over 30 countries
Key Designer Kaffe Fassett
Book Highlight Best Of Rowan

The Best Of Rowan Knitting Patterns

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