Master the Silver Reed: Knitting Machine Magic & Must-Have Spares

Knitting with the Silver Reed Machine


Dive into the World of Machine Knitting with Rachel!

Knitting enthusiasts, ever heard of the Silver Reed Knitting Machine? Let’s unravel its magic together!

Here’s a thing – the Silver Reed Knitting Machine is becoming a rare gem. As the craze for machine knitting dwindled from its peak a decade ago, many manufacturers ceased operations. Silver Reed emerged, evolving from the Empisal and Singer heritage, offering capabilities beyond the current popular loom machines.

If you’re fortunate to snag a Silver Reed SK280 Knitting Machine, it’s a lifelong partner in your crafting journey. Eager to whip up stunning apparel? This beauty has a 24-stitch punch card pattern center, unlocking tuck, weaving, slip, and fair isle stitches. It’s a dream for working with fingering and sport weight yarns.

Considering a knitting business? ️ The efficiency of a knitting machine can’t be beat! Imagine crafting the back of a plain sweater in just 30 minutes. Boost your knitting game and explore the depths of your creativity with a machine!

While the Silver Reed has a steeper price tag, there are budget-friendly alternatives. Keep reading, and I’ll showcase some below!

Delving Deeper into the Silver Reed Knitting Machine

Here’s a snapshot of the Silver Viscount Reed SK280:

  • Model: SK 280 automatic punch card knitting machine
  • Features: 24 stitch repeating punch card pattern, 4.5mm Needle Gauge, 200 Needle Stainless Steel Metal Bed, and it’s a single bed knitting machine.
  • Legacy: Crafted by Japanese experts, it’s also known under Singer, Studio, KnitMaster, and Empisal banners.

One of the highlights of the Silver Reed? It’s user-friendly, especially for newbies in the knitting galaxy! The learning phase is breezy, and before you know it, you’re an expert. Though, a quick lesson at a local dealer can sprinkle in some pro tips!

Fret not about spare parts – most are readily available online. And fun fact: many parts are swappable among various machine models!

Attachments & Accessories Galore!

There’s a myriad of add-ons, like the Silver Viscount Reed LC2 Lace Carriage, designed for SK280. It simplifies lace knitting, allowing for expansive lace creations without needing extension rails. Dream of crafting a lace shawl swiftly? This is your answer!

Another noteworthy accessory is the New Arm Unit Sinker Plate Set suitable for a range of Silver Reed and Singer models.

Also, don’t forget the Knitting Machine Card Punch Device that is compatible with multiple brands. It’s perfect for punching cards for various stitch designs.

Other Knitting Machines Worth Checking Out

If Silver Reed seems heavy on the pocket, here are some alternatives:

  • Knitting Machine and Accessories, LK150: A versatile machine for various yarn types, it’s user-friendly and ensures a silent operation.
  • LK150 6.5mm Mid Gauge Plastic Domestic Knitting Machine: Compact and lightweight, it combines hand and machine knitting for optimal efficiency.

Hopefully, this machine lineup offers insights into your next knitting adventure. Have experiences or thoughts on these machines? Share them below!

Machine/Accessory Key Features
Silver Viscount Reed SK280 24-stitch card pattern, 4.5mm Needle Gauge, 200 Needle Steel Bed
Silver Viscount Reed LC2 Lace Carriage Single action lace knitting, Suitable for multiple models
New Arm Unit Sinker Plate Set Compatible with multiple Silver Reed/Singer models
Knitting Machine Card Punch Device Works with multiple brands, Various stitch design capabilities
LK150 6.5mm Knitting Machine Medium gauge, Roller capped latch needle, User-friendly

The Silver Reed Knitting Machine And Some Spares…

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