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Have you stumbled upon the delightful site called ‘Knitting For Olive’? If knitting is your jam, you’re in for a treat with what this site offers. Curious about what’s all the buzz about ‘Knitting For Olive’? Let’s dive right in!

What’s the Scoop on ‘Knitting For Olive’?
‘Knitting For Olive’ is your dream destination for mesmerizing knitting patterns and yarns that even a newbie would adore. Their commitment to the environment is admirable, ensuring that their yarn comes from the most trustworthy sources. And oh, those natural color palettes! They had me at first sight.

Digging Deeper: The Story Behind ‘Knitting For Olive’
Born in the heart of Copenhagen, ‘Knitting for Olive’ is a family passion project, surrounded by the joy and inspiration of many children. It’s the mother-daughter duo who craft these patterns, and there’s always something fresh on the horizon.
Way back in 2015, they began their journey focusing on patterns for our little ones, and before you know it, they ventured into designs for children and eventually, us adults by 2018.
Their love for the craft led them to provide yarns, with a vision of offering the very best. Yarns crafted with love, respect, and responsibility – from merino to soft silk mohair, cashmere, and many more!

Global Reach? Absolutely!
‘Knitting for Olive’ truly has a global spirit with patterns available in:
– English
– German
– French
– Spanish
– Swedish
– Norwegian
– Icelandic
– Korean

Extra Brownie Points!
Their color match section? A haven for color enthusiasts! Whether you’re looking to find that perfect shade or trying to match your existing yarns, they’ve got you covered.
For the uninitiated, there’s a detailed guide on decoding their knitting charts. And if you peek at their Facebook page, be prepared to be blown away by some of the most intricate and mesmerizing patterns. They might challenge you a bit, but oh, the results are breathtaking!

Quick Facts about ‘Knitting For Olive’ Details
Origin Copenhagen
Founded in 2015
Specialty Knitting patterns & Yarn
Eco-friendly? Yes!
Patterns available in Multiple languages

What Is Knitting For Olive

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